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Blucube is unknown for sonic manipulation, remixing and re-remixing.

Bryan “Brain” Mantia is a drummer who is well versed in a wide variety of musical styles. He is best known for his work with Guns N’ Roses, Primus, Tom Waits, Bootsy Collins and Buckethead.

Deborah Charles is a singer/songwriter who specializes in electronic music textures. Her current band, Vinyl Gypsy performs what she calls “psychadelic electronic punk” and is based in New York City.

Kai Eckhardt is a Liberian/German bassist known through his work with guitarist John McLaughlin in the late 80's and Billy Cobham in the 90's. His current fusion band Garaj Mahal was the winner of the 2007 Independent Music Awards.

Eamonn Flynn has made a mission of laying down organ, piano and keyboard grooves for soul, blues, gospel, hip hop and electronic projects. His performing/recording credits include: The Commitments, Zigaboo Modeliste, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Elvin Bishop, Coco Montoya and many others.

Jonathan Herrera is a bass player who has performed or recorded with Cyrus Chestnut, Oz Noy, Atma Anur, Will Kennedy, Alex Acuna, Jerry Goodman, Derek Sherinian, Zigaboo Modeliste, Jon Fishman, Russ Ferrante, to name a few. Jonathon was also formerly the Senior Editor of Bass Player Magazine.

Gregory James is an accomplished guitarist who has recorded many albums with some of the world’s best known musicians and performs regularly in the bay area. Greg is the executive producer for The Valence Project and provided the original direction for some of the most unique components such as the rendition of Bo Didley’s “Who Do You Love”. Greg also contributed lyrics and melodies working spontaneously with Mellissa Reese in the control room.

Patrick O'Connor is a musician and studio technician who provided technical and creative assistance throughout the intense recording and mixing processes needed to create The Valence Project Music.

Enrique Padilla bio coming soon.

Emily Palen is a violinist, pianist and composer living in the bay area. Emily was the violinist for the rock band Dolorata and has been a featured violinist for Bonfire Madigan, The Goldenhearts and The Gregory James Band. Emily’s YouTube performance with the Foo Fighters at Red Rock amphitheater has over one million views.

Melissa Reese is a singer and composer whose unique talents include creating lyrics and melodies on the fly. While other tracks were being recorded, Melissa would work out melodies and lyrics in the control room with Executive Producer Greg James then commit the vocal parts to tape – which was perfect for this spontaneous “audio blender” style of recording.

Baron Shul is a saxophone and flute player for a variety of bands. He was a founding member of Indigo Swing and formerly played with Johnny Boyd. Baron also appears on a number of Gregory James' albums and continues to perform with The Gregory James Band.